Finding Simple is a small web design studio based in Canberra, Australia . We love helping our clients to use WordPress to deliver websites that are easy to use, lovely to look at, and simple to maintain.

The Business

We specialise in using WordPress as a content management system and  offer a full range of design, development and consulting services to help you get the most out of the WordPress publishing platform. If you need to do something with WordPress – we can make it happen.

Finding Simple regularly collaborates with a great team of design, marketing and web development professionals to deliver complete website solutions to clients.

Why “Finding Simple”?

Why the name ‘Finding Simple’? Because we believe that simplicity is at the heart of good web design, and creating and maintaining an effective, attractive web presence doesn’t need to be complicated. We take your ideas and help you make them happen. Simple.

Our Values

As our business grows it’s been important for us to define what we value. Below are the 10 core values that we live by.

  1. Speak human
  2. Ship it
  3. Ask ‘what else can I do?’
  4. Be curious
  5. Take pride
  6. Be a team player
  7. Be healthy
  8. Create fun
  9. Share
  10. Keep it simple

Find out more about our values here.