1. sadly 20 % of users will see your webpage through the eye of an IE6

  2. It is sad that so many internet users continue to use a browser that was first released in 2001, especially when there are so many alternatives.

    While I'm not suggesting that designers deliberately exclude IE6 users, I don't think that they should constrain their design/functionality due to the limitations of IE6 or spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get their sites to work in an out of date browser.

    If designers keep designing sites for IE6 then users will keep using it. However, it can be a problem where IE6 users don't know that their browser is out-dated and just think that your website sucks! In these cases, a 'best viewed with IE7 or FF3' badge or link can help to encourage IE6 users to upgrade.

  3. Very cool design – you have a typo on the sidebar on home


  4. Thanks Craig. I think it's actually the British/Australian way of spelling optimization (I'm in Australia). See American and British spelling variations

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